About Us

EDM Electrodes and Tooling


Saturn Industries, Inc has been the leader in the design and fabrication of EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) electrodes and tooling since 1959. We offer our customers a full range of the finest Isomolded and Extruded graphite products. Saturn is dedicated to the aerospace, automotive, glass, medical, molding and power generation industries. In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also offer an extensive range of industrial tooling, accessories, and consulting services. Saturn is dedicated to providing a superior product while maintaining the principles of "Lean & Green Manufacturing". We are constantly striving to reduce costs where possible and pass those savings on to our valued customers. Our philosophy has always been that the relationship we have with our customers is not just as their vendor but as their partner. As your partner it is essential that we provide you with quality parts and impeccable service.


It is the mission of Saturn Industries to be committed to delivering high quality products and services at a fair and reasonable price and in a timely manner as required by our valued customers. This mission calls for a commitment to excellence by our company and all of our employees. It is our mission to be dedicated to maintaining a high degree of performance while utilizing high ethical standards.


It is the Vision of Saturn Industries to be looked upon as not only a company that provides high quality products and services, but also a vital business and community leader-maintaining high standards and ethical conduct in the daily performance of its business. The Saturn Industries vision is for everyone in the company, from the President to the newest employee. To be committed to not only making the company profitable but, more importantly, to preserving our commitment to customers, suppliers, and each other. Our vision is to remain dedicated to providing high quality, extraordinary service, and value to everyone with whom we have contact.