In offering you the highest quality machining services, we take a rather literal approach. We want to provide you with both the best machining and the best service available. In our machining, we're committed to achieving the highest levels of CNC precision, while adhering to the most exacting standards. We are also committed to meeting your needs - for no matter how technical we get, we're still a service business.

Our capabilities include laser-inspected centerless grinding to ±0.0005mm tolerances, 5-axis CNC milling, wire, sinker, and small hole EDM, CNC 6-axis turning, CNC surface and form grinding to ±0.005mm tolerances.

You may not always need this kind of precision, but it shows the kind of reliability you can expect from Saturn. Not just in our adherence to your specs, but in our total response to your needs. Complete documentation and certification are available with every shipment, from a single prototype to the highest-volume component production run.


Saturn Industries in-depth knowledge of the EDM process is based on years of manufacturing electrodes for thousands of different applications. In fact, our breadth of experience, covering both graphites and metals, is unique in the industry. There is probably no EDM electrode type we haven't seen or EDM electrode problem we haven't overcome.

Understanding the properties and performance characteristics of the various EDM materials enables us to produce the best electrode for the job. When more than one type of electrode is suitable, we can direct you to the material or grade that offers the best balance of performances and cost.

EDM Electrodes and Wire

Graphite EDM Electrodes
Graphite electrodes are by far the most popular EDM electrodes used in the United States. With our extensive inventory of graphite materials, we can quickly produce electrodes from any grade required.

Metal EDM Electrodes
Producing metal EDM electrodes is a Saturn specialty. Our unmatched knowledge and experience in working with metals has made us the industry's leading manufacturer of metal electrodes for EDM.

Graphite Electrodes
Saturn graphite electrodes are carefully crafted to meet highly specific parameters. These include level of detail, material strength, wear resistance, processing speed, surface finish and cost.

Metal Electrodes
Saturn offers a range of metal EDM electrodes in a variety of materials, including copper, copper tungsten, tellurium copper, brass, tungsten carbide, pure tungsten and many special alloys.

Copper & Brass Tubes
For high-speed, small hole EDM drilling with maximum efficiency, Saturn's uniquely designed multi-channel copper or brass tubing is the answer. In standard sizes or machined to exact specifications.

Tapping Electrodes
We offer tapping electrodes in the largest selection of materials, including tellurium copper, a Saturn exclusive. Orbiting tapping electrodes in graphite and copper graphite in metric or inch sizes.


Saturn's ability to produce electrodes that satisfy the most critical criteria for dimensional accuracy and surface finish is the result of highly sophisticated equipment and skilled craftsmanship. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is an indication of the production quality you can expect.

We offer expertise in both traditional machining and EDM machining capabilities that enable us to produce the finest precision made parts in the industry. While many EDM applications require electrodes built to tolerances of ±0.0005", we have the capabilities to handle much more stringent requirements and have fabricated electrodes to even ±0.00002".

To produce the wide variety of EDM electrodes our customers require, we utilize a range of sophisticated machining equipment. Among them: 5 Axis CNC Machining Centers, 6 Axis Turning Centers and CNC Surface Grinders, Tool and Cutter Grinders plus Wire EDM, RAM EDM and Micro EDM machines.

CNC Machining


From the day we opened for business, we believed in the value of purchasing the finest inspection equipment to make sure the quality of Saturn products was second to none. This attention to quality has paid off in rapid growth and customer loyalty.

Laser micrometers which measure to ±0.00001", 30" coordinate-measuring optical comparators and high- resolution tool-maker's microscopes are some of the highly sophisticated inspection equipment we use to check parts.

You can be sure your Saturn-made electrodes will meet your most demanding specifications, with consistent quality from part to part, and from order to order. Just ask, and we'll gladly provide the documentation to back it up.


For as long as we have been a manufacturer of EDM electrodes, we have also been a supplier of EDM electrode materials. In fact, Saturn was the first company dedicated to supplying electrode materials specifically for the EDM industry.

Today, we are a major industry source of both graphite and metal electrode materials. Because we maintain one of the world's most comprehensive inventories of EDM materials, we probably have exactly what you need, and can fill your order immediately. In fact, 80% of our orders are shipped the same day.

Graphite Materials

Poco Graphite
Poco Graphite has long been considered the material that all others are judge by. We stock all EDM grades including copper graphite. All of our tapping electrodes are made from either Poco EDM-3 or Poco C-3.

We also maintain large inventories of other graphites in many different grades and sizes. Plus, we offer all copper graphites available today.

When it comes metals used for EDM electrodes, Saturn's know-how is unsurpassed. We carry the broadest line of EDM metals in the industry including a wide assortment of wire, solid rounds, tubes and flat bars, available in quantity for immediate delivery.

EDM Supplies
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