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Saturn Industris - Dedicated to Perfection - Producing the highest quality EDM electrodes at the lowest cost
Saturn Industris - Dedicated to Perfection - Producing the highest quality EDM electrodes at the lowest cost





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This electrode type MEGACUT® was especially develped for Japanese EDM machines.

GISCO MEGACUT A  Hard/Tensile strength 130,000 psi                                

In small diamters (.003" - .008"), this zinc-coated precision wire is suitable for cuts with tight corner radii.  It offers high cutting rates and performs well in critical applications (for example, in tungsten carbide alloys).  The wire has excellent manual and automatic threading capabilities.  Taper cutting (>7°) is only possible to a limited degree.  This wire is in compliance with Mitsubishi EDMs.  This wire is used when fine surfaces are required, it is also recommended when cutting carbides and poly-crystalline diamond.

GISCO MEGACUT HS  ˝ Hard/Tensile strength 115,000 psi  

This electrode is suited for the high-power generators of the latest machines and offers maximum cutting rates, making it ideal for high-speed productions.  Type HS has a thicker coating than Type D in ofder to compensate for the increased consumption of the electrode during high speed cutting.  Due to its straightness, the wire is especialy suited for machines with automatic threading and was specifically designed for the Mitsubishi HA and U series Wire EDMs.

GISCO MEGACUT W   Soft/Tensile strength 62,700 psi

This type has the highest elongation of the MEGACUT® series.  The "soft" electrode allows steep tapering.  The speical coating can resist thermal loads arising from poor flushing conditions.  Suitable for taper cuts up to 45°.

GISCO MEGACUT D  ˝ Hard/Tensile strength 115,000 psi

Due to its special coating, this electrode is ideal for speed cutting, providing the highest performance.  This wire is also recommended for tall workpieces, interrupted cuts and poor flushing conditions.  For taper cutting (>7°), this wire is suitable only to a limited extent.  Type D wire compiles with Mitsubishi EDMs. 

GISCO MEGACUT T Soft/Tensile strength 70,000 psi

This wire electrode is similar to MEGACUT® Type A but has reduced hardness, making it perfectly suitable for high tapering requirements.  Because of this increased tapering capability, this wire will have limited automatic threading capability.  It is a soft zinc coated brass wire for machines with round diamond guides.

GISCO MEGACUT BRASS Hard/Tensile strength 130,000 psi

The MEGACUT® hard brass EDM wires are subject to the same strict production standards as the other brass and coated wires.  CuZn37 (Ms63) is available in a hard temper with a tensile strength of 130,000 PSI and is suitable for auto threading.  MEGACUT® brass is straightened specifically for use on Japanese machines.  It is only available on Japanese standard spools.

GISCO MEGACUT GRIP Hard/Tensile strength 130,000 psi

Paraffin free wire The MegaCut® grip represents the latest development from Gisco in the segment of brass wire.  MegaCut® grip has a paraffin-free surface that guarantees reliable automatic threading and smooth unwinding on the Japanese machines which have automatic threaders.

GISCO SOMSAL 600 Soft/Tensile strength 93,000 psi

Due to its high elongation, this version is epsecially suitable for tpering.  Compared to the softer BERCOCUT® series, it provides a higher tensile strength.

GISCO SOMSAL 900  1/2 Hard/Tensile strength 130,000 psi

This version, with higher tensile strength than the 600 series, has been tried and tested on machines manufactured by Fanuc and Seibu.

GISCO SOMSAL 1200 Hard/Tensile strength 173,000 psi

This electrode with the extremely high tensile strength of 1200 N/mm2 (173,000 PSI), is a preferred choice for precision applications in smaller diameters.


GISCO BERCO CUT SUPER SOFT BRASS Tensile strength 55,000 psi

Softest brass available.  It has a high elongation and is suitable for taper cuts greater than 20°.  It is recommended as a replacement for the Stamm wire specified by Charmilles for use on 300/310 and 500/510 series.

GISCO BERCO CUT BRASS Tensile strength 71,000 psi

Like the coated products, Gisco plain brass EDM wires are subject to strict production standards.  For the EDM user, this guarantees reliable and uniform cutting resutls on EDMs from all manufacturers.  CuZn37 (Ms63) is available as plain brass with a tensile strength of 70,000 psi.

GISCO BERCO CUT HARD BRASS Tensile strength 130,000 psi

The hard brass EDM wires are subject to the same strict production standards as the jplain brass and coated wires.  CuZn37 (Ms63) is available in a hard temper with a tensile strength of 130,000 psi.  Hard Brass wire is suitable for auto threading.

GISCO MICROCUT Tensile strength 290,000 psi

This EDM wire, especially developed for fine-and micro EDMing is available in diameters down to 0.02mm.  With a special zinc-rich brass coating over its high-strength steel core, it provides optimum process stablility, the highest dimendional accuracy and superior surface finishes.


This EDM wire has a steel core and a tried-and-tested diffusion annealed, zinc-rich brass coating.  Its properties are designed to withstand extreme applications, such as very tall work pieces, interrupted cuts and poor flushing conditions.