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Metallic EDM Electrodes

Saturn Industries has become one of the nation’s premier fabricators of metallic EDM electrodes serving hundreds of customers in a wide variety of industries.

Saturn Industries in-depth knowledge of the EDM process is based on years of manufacturing electrodes for thousands of different applications. In fact, our breadth of experience, covering both graphites and metals, is unique in the industry. There is probably no EDM electrode type we haven’t seen or EDM electrode problem we haven’t overcome.

Understanding the properties and performance characteristics of the various EDM materials enables us to produce the best electrode for the job. When more than one type of electrode is suitable, we can direct you to the material or grade that offers the best balance of performances and cost.

Metal EDM Electrodes

Producing metal EDM electrodes is a Saturn specialty. Our unmatched knowledge and experience in working with metals has made us the industry’s leading manufacturer of metal electrodes for EDM.

Metal Electrodes

Saturn offers a range of metal EDM electrodes in a variety of materials, including copper, copper tungsten, tellurium copper, brass, tungsten carbide, pure tungsten and many special alloys.