Small Hole Electrodes

Saturn Industries was the first company dedicated to supplying electrode materials specifically for the EDM industry. We have been manufacturing and supplying the industry with small hole electrodes from day one and this product line has become a Saturn specialty.

We offer single channel tubing, usually used for through hole applications and multichannel tubing, typically used for “blind holes” in Copper and Brass with OD’s as small as .003″ (single) and .0157″(multichannel). We offer solid rods in both materials and as the diameter gets larger we offer up to 36″ in length.

When working with more exotic metals you might consider Copper Tungsten or Tungsten Carbide as your electrode material. Saturn offers both in tube, Roto tube and solid rods. Copper Tungsten OD’s from .009″ and Tungsten Carbide OD’s from .003″. Our copper tungsten rod and tube stock have a standard grade of 70/30, but we can offer the same sizes in 60/40, 75/25, 85/15. We offer Pure Tungsten solid rod in diameters from .003″ to .250″ in lengths up to 18″.

We are the only company to make Graphite rods as small as .007″ diameter. Saturn can provide graphite and copper graphite round electrodes in grades from all the industry’s leading graphite manufacturers.

Over the years we have invested time and money in the best manufacturing and inspection equipment available. Our standard OD and diameter tolerance is+/­.0002″ but in some materials we can offer a diameter tolerance of +/-.00002″